Q: ​How long have you been in the business of fabricating and repairing screens?
​A: A long time! - We began fabricating aluminum windows and screens in Boise in the spring of 1954.

Q: ​How long does it take to get screens fabricated or repaired?
A: Depending on the size and complexity of the project, you can expect most work to be complete in just a couple of days from your instruction to proceed.

Q: How do I choose between Fiberglass or Aluminum Insect Screening?
A: Aluminum wire and vinyl-coated fiberglass mesh are the most common options for insect screening. Which is right for you depends on the project and on your prioritization of durability and visibility. If you're not sure which option is right for your application, contact us.

Q: Which products are the longest lasting?
A: All of our products are made to provide years of enjoyment and protection. That stated, bronze wire mesh has demonstrated durability over decades of use. Stainless Steel or Aluminum wire mesh is also extremely durable.

Q:Will Bronze wire screen turn green?
A: No, this product weathers to a beautiful dark bronze finish that enhances outward visibility.

Q: ​Which product is best able to withstand potential damage from impact or pets?
A: Vinyl-coated Polyester mesh products such as PetScreen are best able to resist such damage.

Q: ​Which products are made that block solar heat and glare?
A: We stock SunScreen mesh for such applications. Special order SunTex 80 and SunTex 90 screen cloth are also options. Each of these products provide a level of daytime privacy as well.

Q:Which products will provide daytime privacy?
A: We stock SunScreen mesh for such applications. Special order SunTex 80 and SunTex 90 screen cloth are also options. Each of these products provide a protection from solar heat and glare as well.

​​​​Q: ​Which products allow the best airflow?
A: UltraVue provides the maximum ventilation. Airflow is improved 25% vs. standard screen mesh products.

Q: Which products have the best outward visibility/view?
A: Using a Less-Visible Screening product like UltraVue or Stainless Steel wire mesh provides the maximum clarity/best viewing experience.

Q: What exactly is Less-Visible Screening?
A: Using finer yarns in a tighter mesh, the design of products such as UltraVue creates more holes per square inch improving ventilation and optical clarity.

Q: Are Less-Visible Screens as durable as standard screens?
A: No - In using finer yarns, basically you sacrifice some strength for improved clarity.

​Q: ​How do you clean insect screening?
A: Rinse metal products with water only. Clean vinyl-coated products with a mild soapy solution, avoiding hard scrubbing.

Q: ​Can you fabricate wooden framed screens?
A: We can obtain wooden framed screens for you but we do not fabricate wooden framed screens.

Q: ​I'm into DIY, Do you sell just the materials so that I can repair my own screens?
A: Yes - We would love to help you with your project. We sell all types of screening supplies and are happy to answer questions!

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